Dr. Schenker was interviewed by Serge Prengel, L.M.H.C, for a podcast on the website Relational Implicit & Somatic Psychotherapy. The podcasts, aimed at therapists, feature a wide variety of clinicians speaking on their areas of expertise. Dr. Schenker was invited to present 3 podcasts: What is Addiction?; Basic Principles of Addiction Treatment; and Implications of Recovery for Psychotherapy. These can be found at Podcast Conversations, Chronological List | Relational Implicit.

Dr. Schenker presented a workshop on "Why Psychologists Don't Treat Addiction" for the Philadelphia Society of Clinical Psychologists as part of their ongoing Continuing Education series.

Dr. Schenker published a "Clinical Pearl" for clinicians on the website of the Society of Addiction Psychology. Clinical Pearls are short pieces written to help clinicians apply principles of treatment in a practical way. His Pearl can be found at

Dr. Schenker wrote a blog for the Philadelphia Psychology Network (of which he is a Board Member) on the opiate crisis, relating it to the ongoing problem with alcohol addiction, which receives less attention.

In February, Dr. Schenker was featured in an interview for the Psychology Alumni Spotlight at Temple University. He described his background and interest in psychology and in addiction treatment:

Dr. Schenker was honored to receive the Presidential Citation for Distinguished Service from Division 50 (Addictions) of the American Psychological Association.

Dr. Schenker was the opening speaker for the Northeast Family Association Conference on Opiate Disorders.

Dr. Schenker was honored with the "Addiction Professional" Award for 2017 given by Caron Treatment Centers, one of the leading treatment programs in the country. The citation reads, in part, "Dr. Schenker is not only a gifted clinician and a strong leader, but has spent his 30+ year career in advancing the knowledge and practice of addiction treatment. He is a valued resource to the psychological community in the entire Delaware Valley".

Elected to be a member of the Board of Directors of the Philadelphia Society of Clinical Psychologists, the largest organization of psychologists in the Delaware Valley.

Invited to write a chapter on "Addiction Treatment Settings" for the APA Handbook of Clinical Psychology. This landmark 5-volume reference work was published in Fall 2016.

Dr. Schenker founded and manages a monthly Clinical Webinar for addiction treatment providers on behalf of the Society of Addiction Psychology (SoAP - APA Division 50). We have had many notable presenters and have had participants call in from all over the country and Europe. This is an ongoing service of SoAP and all clinicians are invited to participate.

Invited to provide a column on, and to moderate a forum for professionals on the integration of Twelve-Step principles into practice. The blog can be found at here

Invited to give a presentation at the annual Harvard Medical School "Treating the Addictions" Conference, He presented on an integrated model for substance use disorders. A month later, he co-presented a workshop at the Pennsylvania Council of Mediators on assessment and management of substance use problems in the mediation process.

Dr. Schenker was appointed as a Member-At-Large for Practice to the Board of Directors of the Society of Addiction Psychology (Division 50 of the American Psychological Association), the largest organization of addiction psychologists. The next year, he was elected to that position for a three-year term.

January 2012
The practice was relocated to Chestnut Hill from Lafayette Hill, PA. This new location affords easy access by car and public transportation (the Chestnut Hill West SEPTA line stops around the corner), and the new office is comfortable and private.

Dr. Schenker consulted with a team at the Treatment Research Institute, in Philadelphia, and became a co-author of the Handbook for their Twelve-Step Curriculum Toolkit.

May 2011
Dr. Schenker was invited back to the annual conference of the Society of Psychotherapy Integration, in Washington, DC, to present a workshop on the use of 12-Step programs in dealing with addiction.

Spring 2011
Dr. Schenker made several presentations to professional colleagues this spring. He spoke on various topics to the Pennsylvania Psychological Association, the Deleware Valley Group Psychotherapy Association and the Philadelphia Society of Clinical Psychologists.

January 2010
Dr. Schenker published a chapter entitled "The Disease Concept: Controversies and Integration" in David Brizer and Ricardo Castaneda's textbook, Clinical Addiction Psychiatry, published by Cambridge University Press.

March 2009
Dr. Schenker was invited to present a workshop on addiction treatment at the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium in Washington, DC. This is one of the leading psychotherapy conferences in the country, with over 3000 clinicians attending. That same month, he wrote a column in the Psychotherapy Networker magazine on the role of AA in treatment.

January 2009
Dr. Schenker has just published a book for mental health clinicians on the Twelve-Step program. A Clinician's Guide to Twelve Step Recovery has been published by W. W. Norton in New York. The book is in keeping with his efforts to help mental health professionals understand the nature of addiction and recovery, and to help them to utilize this traditional modality. Although the primary audience is mental health clinicians, there is much useful information for persons in recovery and the lay public as well. The book is available on or directly from the publisher. Reviews in the national and international press have been uniformly favorable.

April 2006
Dr. Schenker was invited back to lecture on addictions work at the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology in Boston, MA.

November 2005
As part of a series on working with sexual offenders, Dr. Schenker conducted a workshop on countertransference issues with this population. The audience included mental health clinicians and criminal justice professionals.

October 2005
Dr Schenker did a training for psychologists at the annual convention of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association in Exton, PA. Later that month, he also presented on family dynamics in recovery at the Berks County Council on Chemical Abuse Conference in Reading, PA

May 2005
Dr. Schenker made two significant presentations this month. He conducted a workshop on integrative models of addictions treatment in Toronto Ontario, at the Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration Conference International Conference. Later in the month, he did a training on innovations in addictions treatment at the United States Psychosocial Rehabilitation Association (USPRA) in Pittsburgh, PA.

January 2005
Dr. Schenker trained psychologists and other professionals at a workshop sponsored by the Philadelphia Society of Clinical Psychologists at Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia.

May 2004
Dr. Schenker presented to rehabilitation professionals at the International Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services (IAPSRS) Conference in San Diego, California.

November 2003
Dr. Schenker will presented a workshop on Alternative Approaches to Addiction Treatment at the National Employee Assistance Association (EAPA) meeting in New Orleans in November 2003. This is the largest meeting of EAP professionals in the country, and will allow the dissemination of new approaches to a wide audience.

May 2003
Dr. Schenker was invited to speak to the staff at the Montgomery County Emergency Service on the topic of working with addicted patients.

January 2003
Mark Schenker, Ph.D. was invited to appear on Channel 6's "Weekend Live" show hosted by Wally Kennedy. Mark appeared opposite Dr. Joseph Troncale, M.D., the Medical Director of the Caron Foundation, the nationally-known addiction treatment facility in Wernersville, PA. Much of the discussion centered on the use of naltrexone in facilitating controlled drinking on the part of alcohol abusers.

December 2002
Dr. Schenker was featured in the December 12, 2002 issue of the "Chestnut Hill Local". The writer, James Sturdivant, emphasized the multifaceted approach to recovery that we offer.

December 2002
Dr. Schenker's work was featured in "Philadelphia Magazine", under the heading "Medical Miracle: An Alcoholism Cure You Can Drink To". The focus was on the use of naltrexone to pursue moderate drinking goals.